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Here we go again!

Summer 2021 here we come Well, almost. There are a few more things to check off the list before we venture out this summer. Mother Nature decided to tease us with a few spring days, so we are on a mission to accomplish some tasks.  We spent the cold winter accumulating  stuff that began to overtake Lucas' family room.  Slowly we found places for most of our Christmas camping related items. Last fall we focused on the inside and making things pretty, this Spring is all about the function.  Which roughly translates to Lucas ordering and working on projects, while I try to be helpful but mostly ask a bunch of questions to try and grasp what exactly he is doing. Things on the spring list include a water system, solar panels, new shocks and brakes.   First up were the shocks. Lucas ordered these a while back and just had to wait patiently for warmer weather. Last weekend he made his first attempt.  Now keep in mind the Campulance is a 2001 and best he could tell the shocks were original