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Behind the Scenes

This guy 😍 So far we have been able to share with you all the demo and design that has happened on the Campulance.  What you haven't seen are all the small things here and there that are making a big difference.  While I have been assigned interiors, it seems Lucas has gotten stuck having to know how to do everything else.  I decided I can't just post pretty curtains without letting you know all the tasks this guy has been checking off the list.  Boring old stuff like making sure we have outlets, lights to see on the highway, inverters and batteries to give us power off the grid, not to mention having to explain to me how inverters convert DC to AC power over and over, when I say, "Ok, explain that one more time".  I can be completely content when I don't know what I don't know.  But once there is something I know I don't know, I need to understand it. He may have the patience of a saint, or possibly roll his eyes when i'm not looking, but either way

Just Kidding

  Snuck in one more trip We had resigned ourselves to the fact the the Campulance was parked until well into next year. Temps had been in the 30s and 40s for days, then all of the sudden a weekend in the 70s.  We made a last minute decision to sneak in one last trip.  Brooke even decided to tag along (although still in her cast from surgery- so she had to hobble around). Friday after work we headed north to Morgan Park Campground in Niagra.  Many campgrounds closed the end of October, but this one stays open through November.  There were maybe 5 sites booked there, so we basically had the place to ourselves.  We arrived somewhere around 7:30 so Friday night was pretty low key, just hung out and headed for bed.  Saturday morning we headed for a walk to the lake, while Brooke slept in. Here is where the adventure begins.  Morgan Park has some hiking trails and a sign near the lake with a map of the trails. We decided on High View Trail- that tiny little red circle in the bottom left corn

Finally Got My White Kitchen!

 We Have a Kitchen  Mother nature has been trying to halt our progress, but she can't tell us what to do. We have been slowly tackling the kitchen area on days above freezing and this is probably my favorite transformation so far. I knew I wanted subway tile, so that got ordered right away. The countertop on the other hand was not as easy to decide. Was I going to make one? That seemed like a lot of work. Butcher block? super heavy and might not be smart. IKEA? Yep this was the answer.  They have some nice laminate countertops. More decisions- was I going to warm it up and go with a wood look or be cool and do the concrete look.  Votes were split 50/50 and I think I would have liked either one.  Sydney has an IKEA a few minutes from her and she was coming up to visit so she agreed to pick it up for me.  I don't think we thought this through very carefully cause the pickup was a bit more challenging than we expected.  I must not have conveyed the size very well, so Syd ventured