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Memorial Weekend Part 2

The fun continues Saturday was here and while it was a bit chilly, we were set on trying out the Kayak we had gotten for Christmas.  It is inflatable and fits under the bed. While lunch was cooking over the fire, Lucas worked on getting it inflated.  Some of the others were going to take the boat out, so we hitched a ride part way toward the lake, back to site 3 from last fall.  We didn't really know what we were doing, but it couldn't be that hard, right?  Lucas had a fishing pole, we had paddles and we were off.  We spent a couple hours out on the lake. No fish and a bit on confusion over which direction we were headed, but it was a very peaceful afternoon and the views were incredible. I think we may just be fairly decent kayakers someday.  Somebody had a little trouble getting out of the boat though, guess he is gonna have to work on his dismount.  The rest of Saturday was spent relaxing and taking a few UTV rides.  Pretty sure Brooke spent most of the day on the four whee

Memorial Weekend Part 1

This was it The true test of all our hard work. Up until this point we had only gone for one night stays, maybe two here or there. This time we were embarking on a 4 night journey. I admit, I was a bit nervous about that many days without the use of a long hot shower, but I was going to give it my best try.   In typical Lucas & Leslie fashion we headed to camp with a few projects we wanted to accomplish. I little sitting and relaxing is nice, but we seem to  prefer keeping ourselves occupied with activities most of the time.  Maybe my kids come by their ADD naturally, who knows.  I think I'll take you on a day by day peek into our adventures. Thursday was pretty low key, we didn't head up until after work so arrived around 7pm. We stopped for dinner on the way up and just relaxed a little when we got there.  Seems I didn't manage to take a single picture that night. But I promise I did better the rest of the weekend.  Friday was a big project day.  Lucas had gotten a fa