Memorial Weekend Part 1

This was it

The true test of all our hard work. Up until this point we had only gone for one night stays, maybe two here or there. This time we were embarking on a 4 night journey. I admit, I was a bit nervous about that many days without the use of a long hot shower, but I was going to give it my best try.  

In typical Lucas & Leslie fashion we headed to camp with a few projects we wanted to accomplish. I little sitting and relaxing is nice, but we seem to prefer keeping ourselves occupied with activities most of the time.  Maybe my kids come by their ADD naturally, who knows. 

I think I'll take you on a day by day peek into our adventures.

Thursday was pretty low key, we didn't head up until after work so arrived around 7pm. We stopped for dinner on the way up and just relaxed a little when we got there.  Seems I didn't manage to take a single picture that night. But I promise I did better the rest of the weekend. 

Friday was a big project day.  Lucas had gotten a fan for the ceiling so we can have some air circulating.  Ambulances have lots of windows but none of them in the back open, with the exception of a little one in the side door.  If you remember our demo process, you'll remember us mentioning how well built ambulances are. This was once again confirmed as we attempted to cut a hole in the roof for the fan.  Prepping and the first cut happened about 9am and my last picture of the final project was at just about 4pm, so this one was a doozy.  I am sure breaks were taken throughout, and while I assisted and gathered photo evidence, the credit on all the hard work and roof climbing definitely goes to Lucas and Tim.  

First we marked off where we wanted the fan to go and did the first cut through the fiberglass inside. Seems simple enough.  That part went great BUT once the fiberglass was removed we had quite a surprise.  Aluminum square tubing every 12 inches the across length of the box along with what I can only compare to steel beams running the long way every 15 inches or so. Probably best just to show you. 

This set us back a bit as we had to decide the best way to handle the situation.  Move the fan somewhere else? Nope, that wouldn't works as the metal ran from one end to the other and across.  Scrap the idea? Nope, was gonna be too hot this summer to not have some air moving.  So, after a meeting of the minds. We decided to remove that section of metal.  Structurally we are fine.  these things are built to roll 7 times and still have all the doors able to open.  Maybe we can only roll 6 now, but we are good.  
Meeting of the minds

Once we committed to the decision to move forward, the fun began.  Cuts from the inside and from the roof. Then installation and sealing the roof, with some kind of special RV self leveling sealer.  Then there was the wiring. Plus one photo of me to prove I did in fact lend a hand and wasn't just a spectator. 

It looks great and can push air in or out and has a remote and 3 speeds.  This will definitely help on those warm summer nights.  Here is the final look, all installed and working perfectly. 

I think I better leave the remainder of the weekend to a blog post part 2.  To be continued....



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