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Water 💦

Just in time for the season The water system is installed and ready to go. This project was quite the undertaking and took some time, but turned out perfect in the end.  The pressure was completely on Lucas to plan and execute this operation.  I was happy to tag along to Home Depot multiple times as we searched for the proper fittings, but the credit for this definitely goes to the one who understands pumps, water heaters and tubing going every which way (which is certainly not me). Another bonus to the ambulance is all the outside storage compartments. The set up looks a bit complicated, but you can see the pump and hot water heater on the left, gray tank on top and fresh water tank on the bottom. We added in a knee surgery just to make things interesting, but even with this setback, we have flowing water ready for the camping season.  Here are a few pictures.   Some complications came up during installation, but nothing we couldn't handle.  There were so many plumbing fittings, s