Behind the Scenes

This guy 😍

So far we have been able to share with you all the demo and design that has happened on the Campulance.  What you haven't seen are all the small things here and there that are making a big difference.  While I have been assigned interiors, it seems Lucas has gotten stuck having to know how to do everything else.  I decided I can't just post pretty curtains without letting you know all the tasks this guy has been checking off the list.  Boring old stuff like making sure we have outlets, lights to see on the highway, inverters and batteries to give us power off the grid, not to mention having to explain to me how inverters convert DC to AC power over and over, when I say, "Ok, explain that one more time".  I can be completely content when I don't know what I don't know.  But once there is something I know I don't know, I need to understand it. He may have the patience of a saint, or possibly roll his eyes when i'm not looking, but either way it works. 

He is a bit sneaky and sometimes tackles these projects when I'm not around to gather photo evidence, but I'll see what I have to share.  

New headlights and air filters, work on the tires, removing and reinstalling locks, fixing broken latches, tackling the glob of wires under the jump seat, removing that same ugly blue jump seat because I kept casually complaining about, installing batteries, new lights by the license plates, dealing with wiring, figuring out why some outlets weren't working, a thousand yards of velcro removal and I'm sure a bunch of things I'm forgetting about. I'm gonna stick to making things look cute and trust him to tackle all the other things with an assistant whenever needed.  He is the quiet, calm brains behind this operation and I appreciate all of his hard work.  


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