Just Kidding

 Snuck in one more trip

We had resigned ourselves to the fact the the Campulance was parked until well into next year. Temps had been in the 30s and 40s for days, then all of the sudden a weekend in the 70s.  We made a last minute decision to sneak in one last trip.  Brooke even decided to tag along (although still in her cast from surgery- so she had to hobble around).

Friday after work we headed north to Morgan Park Campground in Niagra.  Many campgrounds closed the end of October, but this one stays open through November.  There were maybe 5 sites booked there, so we basically had the place to ourselves.  We arrived somewhere around 7:30 so Friday night was pretty low key, just hung out and headed for bed. 

Saturday morning we headed for a walk to the lake, while Brooke slept in. Here is where the adventure begins.  Morgan Park has some hiking trails and a sign near the lake with a map of the trails. We decided on High View Trail- that tiny little red circle in the bottom left corner of the map. Turns out we took a wrong turn or missed a sign cause guess which trail we took. Yep Pemene Trail it was, and if we went that far we may as well head up to Pemene Cliff. 

Much of the trail was leaf covered but walkable, there were a few spots where my slip on shoes and the giant hills battled for who would win. Note to self: get better shoes for these kinds of things.  We got pretty close to our 10,000 steps and saw some nice views.  

We arrived back at camp and I think Brooke was either content watching netflix or about to send out a search party. "where the heck were you guys?" Pretty sure if we had been gone much longer she would have tried to find us. We did the typical camping things, Lucas started a fire and we hung out, took a few more walks (this time on the paved-ish roads with Brooke wheeling around on the knee scooter). The Trombley crew even stopped by to say hi and bring some firewood from camp for us.  Even saw my friend Jen and her family camping there. Brats for dinner and a fire, cause it seems to be getting dark by 5:00 these days. 

Sunday morning was one more hike, but this time we had the map mastered and did just fine.  

I would say overall, our first completely solo mission was successful.  We decided we need to have a few other things up our sleeves to do while camping, projects, bikes, kayak in the summer etc so those are now added to the Campulance list. 


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