It's finally time for bed. 

The flooring is down and the shiplap is up, so it's finally time to install the bed.  Lots of prep work was involved in being able to fit a full size mattress, but after that night on the air mattress, we were highly motivated to get a nice mattress in the campulance.  

First was cabinet removal on both sides, then floors and shiplap. Lucas had been building parts of the framing while the other prep was happening. He was convinced he could get the bed installed in 5 minutes. He didn't quite make his goal, but he had everything cut and ready, so it was a pretty fast process. 


Next we hauled the mattress from his spare room down. Guessing if the neighbors were watching this looked quite comical as it wouldn't fit through the back doors and we had to wiggle it in through the side door. Who remembers that Friends episode where Ross and Chandler try to "pivot" the couch up the stairs? 

We will be building doors underneath to hide the storage area. Maybe a sliding barn door or a flip up table.  Hmmmmm, what should be put there? Feel free to comment your brilliant ideas.  We will post a picture once that is complete and the bedding is on. 


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