Demo Continues

 Time for flooring!

We are continually reminded of how well built ambulances are.  The excessive use of brad nails should have been an indicator, but we decided it would be best to pull up the vinyl flooring and put down some cute new vinyl plank.  Ok, ok truth be told Lucas thinks all the samples look "exactly the same", but ladies.... you know there are at least 50 shades of grey luxury vinyl plank flooring, am I right? I only made one trip to Home Depot and one to Menards and then picked one, so I was pretty proud of myself. 

We approached the task with an optimistic attitude and within the first inch, there was glue. So much glue.  Maybe it's just the edges and it will ease up. Our dreams were slowly crumbling as we realized every single inch of flooring was attached with what could only be described as industrial strength Gorilla Glue.  But we kept a positive attitude and plugged away slowly, about 1 foot per hour.  I figured this process was going to take a few weeks to complete.  


Don't let that big piece fool you, most of it came out in small little patches.  We started to pull up flooring on Monday and by Friday night we were maybe 1/3 of the way done. Other projects were tackled during this time and we worked all week, but I would say we had close to 10 man hours invested in the progress so far.  

Friday night I stayed home to work on spraying and frosting the cabinet doors (more to come on that transformation).  Lucas was gonna work on the floors a bit.  Saturday morning we went to see Brooke at her work and have breakfast, I jokingly said "Whose bright idea was it to pull up the flooring anyway?" (it was mine). He let me know it was finished!! What?? How is this even possible in one evening? I'm still amazed and in shock over the fact that he was able to get the rest of it up.  


Progress is definitely being made and I cant wait to get the new flooring down. Decided to paint first, since my skills in that area are a bit less then tidy at times, but we will share the final result with you as soon as they are in.  


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