Demo Day

 Chip makes it look so easy!

Labor day was Demo Day and I was pretty excited to hit a few cabinets and have them magically fall apart like I have seen happen on Fixer Upper so many times. Well, it appears ambulances are built to withstand hurricanes or the guy that built this one just got a new brad nailer and was eager to use it. Either way it was a bit more challenging than expected.  

The plan for phase one was to remove two cabinets on one side and one on the other in order to build the bed. It took a few hours but we made some good progress for day one.  

The project on the other side is going to be a bit more of a challenge as it contains a metal cabinet that is one of the outside storage containers. This one is going to involve cutting metal and building new walls, but with a little muscle and possibly a new tool we will get it done.  

Sydney even came by for a visit on her way home from a weekend in Sturgeon Bay. So we technically had our first Campulance guests over for dinner.  Which involved Syd & Liz having takeout burgers from Anduzzis while we continued to pull brad nails. Was so nice to see her for a little bit.  

Next we need to tackle the floors, but from the looks of things, they are going to deserve their very own post. 

Lucas bought a heater so we can continue to tackle renovations with the recent cold weather we have been getting.  Super thankful for that! 


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