Many hands make light work

 We had been ambulance owners less than 24 hours and were headed out on our first camping adventure. 

Lucas' family was going to be at their family camp for the weekend, so we decided to attempt our first overnight in the new rig.  I realize this hasn't been an actual ambulance for a few years, but I couldn't help but have flash backs to the blood borne pathogen videos I was forced to watch at the beginning of each school year and ponder how long universal precautions are necessary. Needless to say we spent the morning scrubbing the inside as best we could.  We threw in an air mattress, blankets, some bottled water and a few snacks and called it good.   

Off we headed north.  The Trombley crew knew nothing of our little idea, so as we approached camp, we decided that it would be best to pull in with lights and sirens on to ensure the best first impression. Sam and the kids were surprised, but got a kick out of the idea.  The rest of the gang was off on a four wheeler ride. We may have caused his parents a slight heart attack as they returned to camp to find an ambulance, but they quickly recovered and checked out our new project. 

The first night was successful, although a bit chilly as it got down to about 48°. A heater is currently on a delivery truck headed to Green Bay. I have a feeling we are gonna learn along the way. 

Sunday at camp was both relaxing and productive.  Lucas and Tim decided to investigate the two door latches that were broken. They fixed them both, which was amazing and one thing checked off the list. Yes, there is an actual list, spreadsheet form all organized by priority and shared in google drive. The fact that I found someone that loves checking things off a list as much as me has to be fate. 

Next we set off to tackle all the stickers outside. One by one everyone seemed to join in to start peeling stickers. Think we have 7 people on the job at one point.  We got every last sticker and it looks so great all cleaned up. 


Here is the final looks after all the hard work.

I would call our maiden voyage a success. Even grabbed some 2x4s from camp to build the bed frame.  More checks off the list!


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