Ready for an Adventure

Here is how this crazy idea became a reality

Welcome to our blog.  We are Leslie and Lucas. While we have always been up for a good project to work on together, this is by far our most ambitious. We have decided to renovate an ambulance into a camper and have dubbed it the "Campulance". We would love to take you along for the ride on this new adventure. 

When someone has a great idea, why not just jump in and go for it.

How did this idea come about? Well it was a random afternoon and we were watching tv. I can't seem to remember which show, but most likely HGTV or something along those lines.  We had been thinking about the idea of a camper for a little while.  Lucas liked the idea of a class B, Sprinter type van conversion, but neither of us were interested in the $90,000 price that came along with them.

During our camper conversation, Lucas said "We should renovate an ambulance, it's got all the electrical already in place". I thought this was a brilliant idea and said "we can call it the Campulance". We set out to do some googling and discovered this is actually a thing.  There were renovation videos on youtube, pictures of ambulance conversions and even facebook groups where ambulance renovators share ideas. I was already hooked.

Lucas found a Wisconsin auction site that had a few for sale and this began a few week dive down the rabbit hole of all things ambulance.  Poor guy didn't know what his one comment was gonna start. Was it obsession on my part or just determination, we may have differing opinions on that part. Pretty sure he is secretly just as excited as me.

So here is where the story gets interesting.  On one of my googling sessions I stumbled upon an ambulance for sale just a few minutes from my dad, I mentioned it jokingly saying I should see if my dad will take a look at it for us.  Days went by and auctions were going for amounts higher than we were willing to spend. So I decided to search for the one I had seen with no luck, facebook, craigslist, I couldn't find it anywhere.

Since quarantine began my dad has instituted weekly family zoom sessions.  This particular evening zoom session I happened to mention the lost ambulance and to our surprise my dad knew exactly where it was and the Pet food store it belonged to.  I asked if he'd go take a look and see if it was still there.

The next morning my dad sent us some pictures and we planned a trip that afternoon to go take a look.  A few short hours later we were the proud owners of an ambulance. 

(Shout out the Sean from "What's in the Bowl in Brookfield - he has an amazing store! If you are local- go check it out)

We hope you'll join us on this adventure, while we renovate and sneak in a few more camping trips before it gets too cold.


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