Site 3

 Test Run at Site 3

Wisconsin's cold weather is looming and we know we may only get one or two chances to use the Campulance before winter, so this past weekend we set out for a test run.  Up near Lucas' family camp is a campground with some amazing views.  The pictures don't do it justice, but the fall colors were almost at their peak. 

We both agreed that the fact that we can just pull in to the campsite, lay down an outdoor rug and we are good to go is our kind of camping.  No hour of prep to level, unhook vehicles etc. I think I can actually do this. It helped that his parents had arrived at the next site over a couple hours before us, so the campfire was already going. So.....we may have cheated a little and brought the experts along, but baby steps.  

These particular sites didn't have electric, which gave us a chance to give the new generator a try. It worked perfectly and we learned from the last time, so had a heater going to prep for the 40 something degree weather that we would have over night.  Sunday was spent going for a couple walks, sitting by the fire, and having Elk steaks for dinner.  I was a little scared, but they were actually really good.  Don't be fooled thinking we were going to be all primitive this trip, because it was Packer Sunday. It was almost 7:00  and the TV in his parent's camper was being fussy about getting a signal, so we made a last minute decision to run up to camp to watch the game.  Stayed through 3rd quarter and then headed back to catch 4th quarter on our phone.  


Monday looked like rain was gonna spoil our $15 view so we went on a quick four wheeler ride before the storm.  Rain did start about 11:00 and the radar looked like it might be about 20 minutes, so we retreated to the Campulance and tackled a quick shelf lining project while we waited out the rain.  


The rain lasted longer then 20 minutes and our campfire lunch became a camper lunch. We headed to his parent's place before heading out.  I'd say the test run was a success.  Hoping to sneak one more trip in before winter comes.  Still lots of projects to tackle, but it was really nice to take a break and enjoy what we have accomplished so far.  



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