You had me at Shiplap ❤️

 "I may not live in a farmhouse, but I dream of shiplap, subway tile and barn doors." 

To be honest I don't want to live in a farmhouse, but I do love shiplap, subway tile and those sliding barn doors.  I know, I know cliche HGTV watching female, but I'm totally ok with it. I wouldn't say no to an all white kitchen either.  Here was my chance. Lucas has been very sweet as he hears me say "ya know, I was thinking" about a million times. He just laughs and says, you are in charge of interiors, whatever you want.  That sounded like a green light for me to get all the things, don't you think? 

So between Amazon and Pinterest the picture in my head was becoming pretty clear. Flooring was picked and painting was well underway. All my darn design ideas are holding back the bed building project, so as soon as the flooring was down it was time for shiplap. First was a trip to Home Depot for some building materials and my birch plywood. A few minutes on the table saw and we had perfect 8 foot long "shiplap" strips.  Some liquid nails and my favorite nailer (that I got for my birthday) in hand, we got started. It was actually super easy and pretty fun to install. 

When it came to notching out some parts around the cabinet openings, we decided that we were in need of a jigsaw - not sure how between the two of us, we don't have one.  Back to Home Depot for a jigsaw to match my nail gun and Lucas impulse bought a Dremel multitool- which proved handy later that day when we needed to cut something to finish the job.  

We were back at it and by Sunday afternoon it was done. Except for the painting it part.  The picture I had in my head looked good, but the real thing looks even better then I had imagined.  

Stay tuned, there are plans for subway tile and maybe even a mini barn door if we can figure that part out.  Sydney might be bringing the IKEA countertop with her on her next trip up.  A little more paint and Lucas can finally get the bed installed that he's been working on. Not too bad for less than three weeks work, I'd say.  


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