A Million Little Things

 A little progress each day adds up. 

This weekend was all about the little things. Feels like we didn't tackle one big task, but lots and lots of little ones. Good thing I take so many pictures or I'd never remember them all.  After watching 4th quarter of the Packer game last weekend on a phone, first up on the list was installing a TV.  Lucas had gotten a TV mount and we had a perfect spot picked out.  The task was a bit challenging and we did have to take a door down to get it installed, but it looks great and got a better signal than the TV inside the house.  Not sure that will be the case at a campsite in the woods, but I think we have a pretty good chance.  Ignore the wires and the base on the TV still, this was a trial run and with only one more camping trip this season, it'll go back in the house for winter.  


Next up on the long list of little things was door locks.  We have to have some keys recut, so Lucas was putting doors back together, except for the part that required little fingers, then that's where I stepped up to help.  While he was busy installing locks, I worked on adding trim to the cubby area and getting the back head bumper up complete with new screw covers that aren't the weird blue color everything was. Then on to a new drain, which meant filing metal a bit so it would fit.  Next Lucas tackled air in the tires, while I started on a facelift of the center console.  We had cut some of the insulation to cover the back windows at night, so I made covers for them to match the curtains (that aren't quite done yet). Probably best to just add pictures so you can see all the things.  

I'd say this weekend was a success and all the little things are adding up. This week I hope to finish up the curtains and get a few more cabinet doors finished.  Spoiler alert there is a new giant inverter and a couple new batteries that arrived this week.  Pretty sure I see a few solar panels in the near future.  Oh and we can't forget about the IKEA countertop sitting in the garage, just waiting to be installed.  


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