Cabinet Makeover

This One Took Some Creativity!

From the first time I laid eyes on the inside of the Campulance, I knew I had to figure something out to redesign those cabinet doors.  The thought of seeing all the stuff in every cabinet made me a bit twitchy.  Now, how was I going to make them over to match the new flooring and shiplap, how was shiny metal and plexiglass ever going to somehow be cute? 

I set out to find some inspiration online and found many just ripped out cabinets and built all new ones, this seemed like something we didn't really want to do. The cabinets are really well built and there is so much storage, so I continued on my mission to just remodel them.  I did find a fellow campulance renovator on instagram that had used frosted spray paint on hers, and an idea was born.  Off to Menards for metal and frosted glass spray paint.  I used one of the ripped out cabinets from demo to practice on one door just incase my idea was a flop.  

In theory this was a great idea, it did however take time. Spray, wait, spray, wait, spray, wait, then flip and repeat and that was just for the frosted glass part.  That doesn't include taking each door apart and spraying the metal 3-4 coats and then covering the newly frosted glass to spray the handles 3-4 times.  Didn't seem so bad until I needed to repeat this process nine times. I wasn't in a rush and just worked on it little by little. 

Here are some pictures of the project in progress. 

Then came assembly 

Eight of the 9 cabinets are complete and installed.  I am pretty happy with how they turned out.  The last one is kind of tucked behind the bed and I'm still trying to think through how I might handle that one.  Here is the almost finished product. 



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