Point Beach

 Stepping it up!

Gosh, Wisconsin people take camping very seriously and apparently book all the campsites months in advance. Since we bought the campulance early September, we have not been able to find a campsite on a weekend anywhere nearby. Luckily I had off Monday for Columbus Day and Lucas has a gazillion vacations days saved up, so we headed to Point Beach State Park in Two Rivers Sunday for an overnight. 

We were stepping it up and getting the fancy electric site this time.  No more cold nights, we got the heater going right away and it was nice and warm all night. We were also put in charge of a meal so it was time to pretend we knew a thing or two about camping.  No turning back now.  The weather was a bit chillier than the original forecast showed, but the fall colors more than made up for the temperature.  The campground had some great trails and as the name implies, is on a beach. Lake Michigan is always a sight to see and the waves could be heard all the way at our site.  


Lucas' Birthday is coming up so we were able to celebrate that with his parents as well, including some campulance related gifts and dessert. Yes, that is a toilet and this has been a topic since day one - where are we gonna put a bathroom? We don't 100% have that answer, but we will be set when we figure it out.  I think we can officially call ourselves campers when we are excited about a new toilet. Pretty sure that's the ticket into the exclusive club. 

Monday was calling for rain around noon, so we took the opportunity to get in a before breakfast walk.  We headed to the lake and then to the lighthouse.  Our selfie skills may need a little work, but it was a really nice morning, not too cold plus we had coffee/cocoa in hand.  


Looks like the cold weather is coming this week and may be here to stay, so this might have been our last trip for the season.  Unless we get tired of winter and decide to drive south sometime in January/February, you never know.   With the heater, we probably have a little more time to complete some of those projects on the list before next Spring. We plan to do a video of the full renovation once it's complete.  


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