Problem Solved

 This one took some thinking.

Back to the inside to tackle a few more cosmetic things.  We are working on prettying up the back corner where we removed the cabinet and coming up with a creative way to cover the under bed storage.  

Step one was removing that corner cabinet so the bed would fit.  We needed to build a wall of some kind, since it was open to the outside storage.  We had a small cabinet behind the bed for storage and a "headboard", so we built on top of that, I think it looked pretty good.  Problem was as I scooted up during the night I kind of felt like I was in an office cubicle.  We did a little redesign and added some shiplap and paint for good measure. 

Here is the final product, with bedding all washed and ready for the first trip.

Next up was the under cabinet storage.  You know how they say, measure twice and cut once.  Well we measured about 4 times and then probably 4 more.  We had each other pretty confused and luckily took it in to "visualize" it before we cut and after a complete tweak, we cut once and it was all good.  The left side had to be cut around the bench which was the challenge. 


Here is where things get interesting. The bed ends right in the middle of a storage cabinet. I could have put one of the frosted glass doors back up, but having a half door stick out behind the storage was driving me a bit crazy so I had to come up with another solution.  

Lucas was recovering from knee surgery, so I was on my own for this project.  I started by cuting and removing the the shiplap that we had so carefully cut to fit the door.  I replaced it with new shiplap that covers the half we can see.  The back part is still open from under the bed so we will be able to use the storage area still.  


The last part of the under bed storage is going to require the circular saw and making a door, so I'm going to have to wait for the patient to heal a bit more, so we can tackle that part together.  I think just water hook up and the inside may be completed. 


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