We Have Curtains- Almost

 Just Winging It

We needed some curtains to warm up the space, so this was my next project. I have never claimed to be a seamstress and that holds true even after this project.  That being said, I am not one to back down from a challenge. If the girl on Pinterest can make these then so can I.  Cute fabric got ordered and after a few trips to the craft store and one more Amazon order for lobster claws and D rings (Pinterest girl said I needed them),I was ready. 

Once upon a time I had a sewing machine, and I never really graduated past sewing straight lines. It started acting up years ago and so when I moved, it didn't make the trip.  First task to tackle was figuring out how to sew without a machine.  I have no intentions of this becoming a new hobby, so really didn't want to drop money in to something I will rarely use.  Turns out Walmart had a "mending" machine for $20. I figured it had good reviews and could sew a straight line so it would be perfect. It called for 4 AA batteries or a adapter (not included). I installed what I thought were new batteries and nothing happened. Tried a few others and still nothing.  I was pretty convinced it was broken at this point.  I checked the power connection for the adapter and it looked just like the one for my diffuser so I figured why not give it a shot. Well.....it worked at about one stitch per second. 

I figured this was what it was and committed to a long evening of watching this crazy thing sew slower than I thought possible.  While facetiming with my sister, she kept saying "that just cant be right". I pushed through and at one point the pizza in the oven beeped, I set it for 5 more minutes and when it beeped again, I was still sewing the same side.  I entertained myself facetiming Sydney and just laughing at this ridiculous task I was attempting.  I finally gave up and searched for more batteries, after a few attempts I got the magic combination and the "mending" machine took off like a rocket ship!! So apparently those adapters have different power levels and essential oil diffuser cords are not compatible with mending machines. 

With that problem solved, I was free to complete the rest if the curtains.  I made covers for the back windows and the roll up curtains for the door and side window.  Now I'm not a complete amateur, cause this job called for cutting and staining the 1x2s and drilling holes in leather and sewing the fasteners for the curtains.  I actually love how they turned out. 

So, here is were the "almost" part comes in. Installation was a bit challenging and we decided we wanted the the long one to sit a bit higher when it rolled up so it wasn't blocking as much of the window.  Had to take it back down to get the leather straps off so they could be shortened. Took care of that last night and we should be able to get them back up quickly. 


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