Checking things off the list

It's NOT just what's on the inside that counts.

We have been a bit more focused on all things outside the last few weeks and it's feeling pretty good to check things off the list.  Working on the water system, sprucing up the tires and adding some personality to the exterior have been our focus recently. 

Lucas got new hubcaps for Christmas, so once it was warm enough we got those installed.  I'll show you the before so you can appreciate the after. 

Before                        During   
And the After.....

Next up was working on the water system.  We had the counter, sink and faucet all ready on the inside, but the bigger project really lies in the outside cabinet where the fresh and gray water tanks will go, along with the pump and hot water heater.  The counter height is higher, so the clips that came with the sink wouldn't work.  A trip to Home Depot and some creative use of the  Dremel and the sink is nice and secure.  

Water is not completely flowing, but we are making strides in that direction. We have a spot for the fresh water and after one Amazon return, have a new gray water tank.  We should have room for the pump and hot water heater too.  It really is pretty great to have all these outside compartments to work with.  

Awhile back we made a logo to put on sweatshirts. I got to thinking that maybe I could cut that same logo for the side of the rig.  It was a bit intimidating since it would end up about 4' x 5' but why not try, I could always peel it off.  First up was scrubbing the sticky residue left from the previous stickers.  Did you know you can get huge quantities of knock off Magic Erasers on amazon for just a few dollars? Melamine sponges and some elbow grease and things are looking pretty good.  

Leveling on an unlevel surface was a little tricky and it definitely took all 4 hands to tackle parts of this project, but I think the result was worth it.  

So Here she is, shiny tires, new logo and almost flowing water. Camping season is coming soon, and I think we might just be ready to go. 



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